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Spotlight Series

Celebrating nine to thrivers

It's time to shine the spotlight on you! Just fill out the form below so that we can showcase your journey and passion!

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

Complete this form to be featured in a "BFF" spotlight series on Instagram.

Please record a short (60 seconds or less) selfie video VERTICALLY and upload it below. Choose a couple topics to talk about in your short video clip:

  • Who you are

  • What inspired you to start your business

  • Your favorite part of your business

  • The need your company services

  • Your proudest moment, biggest success or achievement

Additionally, please upload a couple of your favorite photos and/or video clips showcasing:

  • You doing your thing working, creating, inventing

  • Your products or creations

  • Markets or showcases you've participated in

  • Your logo or any visuals you'd like us to include in your reel

  • Behind the scenes look at your workspace or daily routine

I’ll be posting soon on @bellaandbloom and will tag you as a collaborator in the post! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

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