It's time to dive in and be motivated, inspired, creative, and smart. The B&B Blog will take you places to enhance your business processes and will allow you to enjoy the beauty and fun in all things. 

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B&B Loves

Explore part of my world -  everything from home decor to vacation photos! Enjoy browsing things I love.

Web Design Blog
Color swatches

Color Envy

For the love of color!! It's time to explore the beauty of it and gain inspiration for your brand.

Small Biz Tips

It's time to get your learn on! Find easy to implement suggestions on how to improve your business.

Small businesses
Mood boards

Mood Boards

Behold the beauty of mood boards! Get ideas for your next project. Creativity shines here!

Just For Fun

Anything goes! This category features inspiring posts, motivational posts, and all things happy. Enjoy!

Puppy dogs
Beautiful modern kitchen

All About Food

It's time to share some tried and true recipes. Getting creative in the kitchen is my favorite past-time!