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Bloomin' Bucks

Here's how to be a part of the Bloomin' Bucks tribe:


Refer your friends by filling out the form below. Contact will be made with them to discuss the details.


Your friend must purchase a semi-custom web design in order for you to qualify for the referral reward.


You earn a $30 referral reward via PayPal upon completion of a semi-custom web design for your friend.

* This program is for new client referrals only. See FAQ's below for more info.

** If Bella & Bloom determines that you are not participating in this program with sincerity, your referral payments and access to this program will be terminated.


Join the Program


This is how you will receive your referral rewards.


Thanks for your loyalty! You're on your way to earning cash. You will receive an email with details once your friend's project is complete.

When do I get my referral reward?

You’ll receive the $30 referral reward after completion of the semi-custom web design and after the client has paid their fees in full (deposit and final installment).  

Do I have to complete the form each time I refer someone?

Yes. This is a very important step to ensure you receive a reward for each referral you send to Bella & Bloom.

What's the process after I refer a friend?

They will receive a welcome email with an invitation to schedule a consultation to discuss details of their web design needs.  If they decide to move forward with the project, you will be notified.  Pending their final payment, your $30 referral reward will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

How long does a semi-custom project usually take?

Semi-custom projects are generally complete within 7-10 days but each project timeline can vary.

Does a web maintenance purchase count as a referral?

No. In order to qualify for the $30 reward, your friend must purchase a semi-custom web design. No other purchases are valid toward this program.

I need a new website - can I refer myself?

Sorry to say, no.  But you can earn bloomin’ bucks and apply them to a new design by referring all your friends!!

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