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The hustle and grind are supposedly integral to being an entrepreneur. You'll want to hit snooze with this Slow Morning Collection, sleep in, and clear your schedule for the rest of the day - and we're here for it. 😴

You can use these photos to remind audiences, clients, and yourself that R&R is essential for healthy living. If you're a health and wellness coach, mom on the go, or an entrepreneur who needs a little downtime, you'll find these beauties useful.


This collection of 30 photos was captured in a dreamy canopy bed, which features a gorgeous kitchen, and features the perfect morning routine: stretching, meditating, reading, journaling, eating breakfast in bed, and sipping on a cup of coffee. You can use these stunning templates for any website, blog, Instagram grid, or other platform that needs a refresh.

View / download the full collection here.

30 high resolution images included in this collection.

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