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Work/Life Balance Strategies (what are yours?)

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Our culture defines success by how “busy” we are, but DID YOU KNOW?….⁠

👉Australia, France and Spain provide upwards of 40 annual days paid vacation.⁠

⁠👉Bulgaria provides over a year of paid maternity leave.⁠

⁠👉39 hours/week makes up a full work week for residents of Denmark.⁠

⁠👉The French enjoy Europe’s shortest work week and are encouraged to have a nap after lunch.⁠

Don't let your to-dos take over - it's okay to slow down and enjoy life. A little break can be just what you need go get back on track, so don't feel guilty about taking that well deserved siesta or having a relaxed Friday afternoon to create balance!

Yes, YOU, home-based-business-kick-ars-boss-babe!

Read this: It's Ok To Take A Break

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