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Easy to Understand Reasons Why You Should Choose Incfile for Company Formation

Incfile offers the lowest cost LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp and Non-Profit Incorporation Services available starting at $0 plus state fees. Thousands of small businesses incorporate yearly so why wait?

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For over 80% of small businesses, the right choice of business structure is a simple one: the LLC. In the United States, a limited liability company is a business entity type that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation, creating the best of both worlds for business owners. LLCs have rapidly become one of the most popular business structures for new and small businesses, largely because they are considered to be simpler and more flexible than a corporation. Learn more...

Seeing your small business start to succeed and grow into a well-established company is a dream come true for entrepreneurs. But as your company grows, your tax rate tends to grow too. Growing companies face a variety of complexities during tax season, and that’s why when your company starts growing, you may want to consider forming an S Corporation, otherwise known an S Corp. The S Corp is a business entity that offers significant tax advantages while still preserving your ownership flexibility. Learn more...

A C Corporation is one of several ways to legally recognize a business for tax, regulatory and official reasons. A C Corp is simply a way to structure ownership of a business, and contrasts with other popular business structures including Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S Corporations, Sole Proprietorships and others. Learn more...

Many companies who incorporate are actually charities that do not intend to make a profit, but rather donate all profits to another organization. In this case, a charity would want to incorporate as a nonprofit and, ultimately, apply for tax exempt status. By having tax exempt status, your donations can be recorded by donors as not taxable by both the federal and state government. This is a great incentive to be able to offer your constituents.

People who start nonprofits are driven by passion about a certain cause. Whatever your cause, creating a nonprofit can make a difference. We've provided as much information as you need to know in choosing to incorporate as a nonprofit corporation. Learn more...

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