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Eliminate These 3 Habits to Avoid Creativity-Killing WFH Burnout

Do you find yourself stumped sometimes? Burnout is a creativity-killer and if you own your own business, you can feel like the job is never done. ⁠

take time off

These are three damaging habits to eliminate when you're hitting a wall or feeling lackluster:⁠

1️⃣ Stop scrolling through social media

Ever begin compulsively scrolling when your creative juices aren't flowing? Stop! If you need a diversion, choose music or a walk to the mailbox or some healthy "brain food" as an alternative to mindless scrolling.⁠

2️⃣ Stop comparing yourself

Goals can be great, but not if they are a yardstick to try to measure up to someone else's success. Its wise from time to time, to make lists not only of where you're going and goals and aspirations, but also of what you've accomplished! Seeing how far you've come can help motivate you to continue!⁠

3️⃣ Stop working for a bit

The importance of taking time AWAY from the screen is equally as important as concentrated work time. Sometimes simply moving your workspace to a new spot (take your computer and a cup of coffee out onto the porch) or doing a quick YouTube yoga sesh can reignite that sluggish thinking cap.

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