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Small Business Return to Greatness


Time to shed five pounds of Covid-19 fat, sit right down at your favorite local restaurant and get busy spring cleaning your email inbox. It’s been a long and bumpy ride over the past few months in Covidville, especially for small businesses. Well it’s officially time to dust off your start up or small business and emerge from the root cellar of shelter-in-place. Now is the time to clean up your online web presence, start posting happiness on your social media, refreshing your logo and brand identity, start a new reimagined safe-distancing business or just give your enterprise a full new website in all its shining glory. Not sure which takes precedence: having your hair colored or getting your business up and running . . . it’s definitely a toss-up for which is more important. Whatever worked pre-Covid may not work now.


Let’s examine the possibilities and set up a plan to manifest success. In a joint collaboration between Bell & Bloom web design studio and emoBRAND luxury brand boutique, we are now offering to all our new and existing clients a Post-Covid Imagined Opportunity to freshen up your online presence and brand logo style to strategically Plan for Success. We will be offering 3 price points to fit into everyone’s budget. The dollar will be stronger, more assistance to small businesses is coming and Main Street is happily and excitedly reopening. Time for the Web to reopen also. We are thrilled to bring together 2 genius talents to consult, strategize, design and craft a fabulous 2020 – saving it from Coronavirus. Let’s breathe health into your business and ventilate your 2020 income from a severe first quarter drop in sales and activity. A great brand and new or refreshed website can turn this crazy year right-side up which can both savage a rough quarterly drop as well as help your company’s profits soar in the next 6 months to outdo profits from all past years.

This is the time for BUSINESS TO REOPEN and soar to heights like never before. We all need to put our best foot forward and invest in our businesses.


Choose which option fits your vision and we will reach out to discuss the details of what you can expect and customize a plan to get the money rolling back in. A – The Stimulus Assistance Package:

Logo + WIX site choosing a preferred template with personalization + (free) email signature.

B – The Refresh and Light Up the Market Package:

Logo + business card + WIX site choosing a preferred template with personalization + Facebook (any social media) timeline image and profile image. C – The GO-FOR-THE-GUSTO Business From Scratch Package Logo + full corporate identity with style guide and email signature + rack card + WIX custom site + Facebook or social media set up + social media posting designs. If you see something you would like to have for a new and invigorated online business presence, contact us today and we will take from any of the packages above or design a tailored package to get your business back up and running. As second stimulus checks may be coming out soon and small business assistance is available, make sure you choose the plan that can reinvent, reimagine or refresh what your business did pre-Covid or just create a new-and-improved virus-resistant business income.


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