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What Is Your Why?

There is a reason you do what you do...⁠

You saw a need. ⁠

Responding to a need is a #1 reason entrepreneurs jump off the corporate cycle and take initiative to do something new and inventive. Maybe no one else was doing it.....or very likely, you just knew you could do it better! 👊🏼⁠

You had a skill.⁠

Creativity often dies under the monotony of pressure-to-produce. Working for someone else binds you to their timeline and their priorities. Your unique capabilities and creativity inspired you to put those skills and vision and passion to work and start something new!⁠

You embraced opportunity.⁠

Maybe it was an opportunity for additional income, or to finally work from home and be with your kids. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention and as a go-getter, you knew that starting a business gave opportunities that outweighed the risk of change or potential loss.

Here’s a quick reminder for us both: If we're comfortable, we're not growing. Sometimes this is easier said than done, since MY comfort zone feels like a warm fuzzy blanket. Nevertheless, here’s to never getting comfortable, friends!

Nothing is wasted! It's always beautiful to trace the experiences and skill set that you've grown over time. Often a college degree feels obsolete to where you land your first job....but over time, you circle back around and see that skill set comes in practically. Other times we find a particular challenging circumstance or painful experience feels like a set back...but then gives birth to something in our heart that launches us in a new trajectory.⁠

Need help bringing your online business up to snuff? I know just the girl 😉. I'm Shellie🖐🏼 and I'm a full service design studio providing my clients with branding solutions and website redesigns, updates and maintenance. Let's chat about your specific needs. Pop in (to the Contact page) for a free consultation to see what services would best suit your needs! ⁠


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