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5 Useful Suggestions on How to Find the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

If you are starting a new business and have not selected your domain yet - don't worry! Below are 5 domain branding styles and domain options (courtesy of the WIX blog) you might want to consider in your search:

1.  PERSONAL BRANDING (ie, using your name as the domain:

This can create a sense of trust, authority, and credibility.


Immediate understanding of your business and what you offer.


Related to purpose of the company in a more abstract way.


Has no direct tie to company offerings.


Includes the company name and purpose.

WIX suggests to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Try and keep your domain name to around 3 words or less and make your URL as short as possible (while trying to keep it catchy). Longer domain names = more likelihood of typo's. 

Make your decision and stick with it.

Change is great but not when it comes to your company name. Consistency and brand recognition are best.

Source: The WIX Blog

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