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Roadmap to Success

Stunning Designs: With my finely tuned website design process, you can have a show stopping site that'll make your rivals weep tears of envy!


Professional Expertise: I provide professional website design services, ensuring that your website is not only visually appealing, but also engaging and user-friendly for your visitors.


Uncompromising Quality: I will deliver a high-quality website design that exceeds your expectations and elevates your online presence.

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Luxe Web Design Solutions

for Nine to Thrivers

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Questions & Answers

  • Do you work on any other platform?
    No, only WIX. I do not use on any other web design platform such as Shopify, Showit, Squarespace, or Wordpress.
  • Circumstances have changed - can I get my money back?
    It is imperative that you're absolutely certain before committing; so take your time and consider the project carefully because unfortunately there are no exceptions or refunds once the signed agreement and payment are received.
  • What are the next steps after I submit payment?
    Your designer will follow up with a pre-production questionnaire which is key to selecting the right template. Once the questionnaire is completed and your page-by-page content and images (unless WIX stock images are to be used) are received, production can begin.
  • How do I get my content and images to you?
    Your designer will set up a Dropbox folder for file sharing and you will receive an invitation to the folder via email. You can upload all files for the project such as your logo, content documents (PDF files are preferred), photos, etc.
  • Can I make updates to my site myself?
    Yes! The site will be 100% self-maintainable after the project is complete. However, if you are in need of additional support, a'la carte maintenance plans are available.
  • Can I submit my revision requests via phone?
    All revision requests must be submitted in writing. However if a phone discussion is requested, it will be considered "billable" and will be subtracted from the allocated time for the project.
  • What is considered "billable" and not included?
    Client consultation and project management Research and troubleshooting time Conference calls Writing custom instructions and/or directions One-on-one client training
  • What are my annual costs with a WIX website?
    You will be responsible for purchasing web hosting with WIX (your designer will prompt you with instructions on how to purchase prior to go-live and will offer a coupon code if applicable). The hosting costs will depend on the plan you choose (click here for more information).
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Does your website need a refresh?

This brief quiz is designed to help you assess whether your website is due for a makeover or if it's still hitting the mark. 

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