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hey friend!

👋🏻 I'm Shellie. I've been a WIX partner for over 10 years (recognized as one of the Top 100 WIX Designers) and I'm extremely proud of it. Quality designs and customer service are the most important to me. 


My mission is to help female entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed by crafting unique web designs that will leave lasting impressions on their new customers. By leveraging modern design techniques, I'm helping women-owned enterprises stand out in an ever competitive market!

Get ready to take your business success up a notch. Go beyond ordinary — lets OWN extraordinary!

"This woman is crazy talented, a genius! You'll receive valet service and state-of-the-art quality with Bella & Bloom!" - M. Smith

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Image by emma valerio
Farmhouse decor Harken.png

My side hustle provides cozy farmhouse decor to bring your living space an inviting, homey atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by. Come explore the rustic collections I feature at Harken - let nostalgia lead the way!