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6 Hot Email Marketing Trends To Watch In 2016

I have to admit - I learned a thing or two after finding this post on email marketing. Following business trends is an important ingredient for marketing is a biggie. The business-gurus over at WIX have fantastic insight on this very topic.


With so many emails coming in, no one is impressed by a simple, plain text email anymore – especially if you’re a professional business. Luckily, creating beautiful emails has become easy with the right tools. Wix ShoutOut is a great example – it lets you create beautiful newsletters that you can customize to suit your message, audience and brand. Just add images, text, and a button and with a few clicks, your campaign will be live.



We’re aware everyone is always on their phones – but are you thinking of that when you’re creating your email’s body text, headline and (especially) subject line? People are using their mobile devices to check their email more than ever, so you’ll do well to create content that fits nicely in a smaller screen. Your click-through rate will show you it’s worth it.



Creating the perfect email doesn’t matter much if you don’t have contacts to send it to. Having your family and friends subscribe is great, but your contact list can’t stop at Aunt Wendy. Luckily, getting more names in your little black [digital] book doesn’t require a lot of legwork. Wix ShoutOut’s Get Subscribers app is available in the Wix App Market, and it’s just the tool you need. Adding it to your site takes seconds, and it gives you a signup form right on your website that collects contacts like a vacuum does crumbs.



2016 will be ushering in major change in what email content is sent to who. With everyone’s inbox quickly filling up with spam, people are no longer interested in reading emails that aren’t tailored to their specific interests. When sending outnewsletters to your contacts, it’s best to target the followers and customers you know will appreciate the information in that email. Creating separate email campaigns for your different audiences and their unique interests is key. But how to go about it? Creating groups in your contacts list is the first step. If you know that certain customers are only interested in (for example) shoes, and not your clothing line, you can group them into their own category. Another important area to note is repeat customers versus one-time buyers. Keeping your message specific to the right audience is the path to good conversion and reaching your end goals.



From a marketing standpoint, if something works, it will probably work again. The beautiful email messages you put thought and effort into can serve you more than once – you just have to know how to do it. Wix Shoutout makes this part easy. Every ShoutOut newsletter that you create generates a link, so you can share your beautiful message on your social channels where your followers there, who might not be subscribed to your mailing list, can see it. Be sure to add a tempting ‘subscribe’ button on your ShoutOut in order to grow your contact list too.

If you really want to up the marketing ante, you’re going to want to utilize ShoutOut’s integration with Facebook. How does it work? Once you create a stunning ShoutOut, you can use it to create a promoted Facebook ad – targeting Facebook users who will be interested in your content and possibly, making a purchase. Try and it out you’ll see the difference.



That’s right, you don’t have to be in front of a desktop computer in order to make email magic happen. Even if you’re always on the move, you can download the free Wix ShoutOut app for iOS and Android, and get work done right from your smartphone.

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