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Bella & Bloom Spotlight Series: Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Featured In 2023

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

As we stride further into the 21st century, the landscape of business is evolving, and the presence of women at the forefront of entrepreneurship and innovation is more prominent than ever. The Bloomin' Female Force, a platform dedicated to highlighting the remarkable achievements of women in business, has showcased a myriad of trailblazers throughout the years, celebrating their successes and contributions to various industries.

In 2023, the Bloomin' Female Force continued its tradition of spotlighting inspirational women, and this year's featured individuals stand as shining examples of resilience, innovation, and determination. Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable women who graced the platform:

The Humble Haus

The Humble Haus, an online destination offering stylish cottage and modern home decor curated by Morgan. From cozy throws to minimalist kitchenware, the shop features a variety of chic and consciously curated home essentials. Morgan, the owner, brings together a collection that speaks to a mindful and eco-friendly lifestyle. The Bloomin' Female Force encourages followers to explore and support this ethical and sustainable company and their approach to interior design. The post highlights the shop's ethos, promoting eco-conscious living, mindful decor, and support for small businesses. Followers are encouraged to discover more about The Humble Haus and spread the word among friends. View feature on Instagram.

The Thrifty Handmade

The Thrifty Handmade is an artisanal sanctuary that champions handmade creations and independent artisans, offering a diverse range of unique products, from jewelry to home decor, reflecting the passion of talented artisans. Kelly, the visionary owner, recently featured on The Bloomin' Female Force, tirelessly promotes craftsmanship and artisans' support, recognized for her dedication and collaborative efforts. Setting itself apart with quality, creativity, and a personal touch in each piece, this platform not only offers exquisite goods but also advocates sustainability and ethical craftsmanship. Shopping here is more than a transaction; it's an immersive experience celebrating creativity, passion, and authenticity, fostering a connection between creators and admirers, transcending mass-produced items. Join the movement of valuing artistry and individuality at The Thrifty Handmade, supporting a community that treasures craftsmanship and celebrates uniqueness. View feature on Instagram.

Sibahle Teas

Sibahle Teas, featured by Bloomin' Female Force, is a heartwarming celebration of empowerment and unity through handcrafted teas and teaware. Founded by Regina, the brand champions women's strength and global diversity, sourcing ingredients from women-led tea farms. Each cup tells a story of empowerment, inviting tea enthusiasts on a global tasting journey. Their precision-crafted teaware, like the Push Up Tea Infuser and African Tea Tins, enhances the tea ritual while the Sand Tea Timer ensures the perfect brew. Beyond functionality, the teaware exudes sophistication, elevating every tea moment. Sibahle Teas fosters a community celebrating women's achievements and invites all tea lovers to join the movement of empowerment. With every sip, individuals contribute to empowering women globally, making Sibahle Teas more than just a beverage but a symbol of positive change and unity among tea enthusiasts. Cheers to unity and the joy of tea! View feature on Instagram.


The Bloomin' Female Force proudly presents Amanda of Bloom, a Sacramento-based family-owned flower farm and floral delivery subscription service, radiating passion and creativity through breathtaking floral arrangements. Bloom transcends mere petals and stems, crafting each flower as a work of art to inspire joy. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and local growers makes them a beacon of beauty. With farm-fresh blooms nurtured sustainably, Bloom offers subscription-based floral delights curated thoughtfully to reflect seasonal charm and personal preferences. Supporting local growers and offering convenient gifting options, Bloom brings nature's splendor right to your doorstep, inviting you to immerse yourself in their transformative floral artistry at Embrace the beauty and inspiration of Bloom, where handcrafted bouquets nurture both your space and soul. View feature on Instagram.

Violet Moon Jewelry

The visionary behind Violet Moon Jewelry is Jessica. She offers handcrafted adornments radiating grace and individuality. Recently featured on The Bloomin' Female Force, Jessica's dedication shines through every ethically sourced gemstone piece. Each one-of-a-kind creation is meticulously crafted, infusing celestial magic into delicate necklaces and intricate bracelets. Beyond enhancing outer beauty, these pieces empower personal growth and self-discovery, symbolizing inner strength and resilience. Exploring Violet Moon's online universe unveils a captivating realm where dreams intertwine with creativity. Their jewelry celebrates authenticity, inviting wearers to join a community of empowered women. Witness the elegance and empowerment that define their unique designs. View feature on Instagram.

Mikayla Marie Photography

Mikayla Marie Photography, led by founder Mikayla Marie, specializes in capturing authentic moments through natural and candid photography styles. Offering diverse services like engagement, portrait, and lifestyle photography, Mikayla focuses on creating personalized and comfortable experiences tailored to each client's unique vision and preferences. Committed to supporting fellow female entrepreneurs, Mikayla understands the challenges and joys of running a business, emphasizing empowerment within her work. With a dedication to providing high-quality and personalized services, Mikayla ensures clients receive beautiful, timeless images cherished for a lifetime. View feature on Instagram.

Rachael Little Photography

Rachael Little, a skilled photographer from Southwestern Ontario who specializes in maternity, newborn, family, and baby photography. Rachael's passion lies in capturing her subjects' true essence, reflecting their unique personalities in timeless images. Her diverse portfolio showcases families, couples, maternity, and newborns, emphasizing a warm and relaxed atmosphere that allows for natural, candid moments. Rachael's ability to make clients feel comfortable translates into beautiful, meaningful family-focused photographs that become cherished keepsakes. To explore more of Rachael's work and learn about her expertise, visit her website. Rachael's feature in the Bloomin' Female Force community marks a delightful addition, and her future captures are eagerly anticipated. View feature on Instagram.

Mesh moms

Mesh moms stands as Atlanta's premier mother's club, offering support, events, and resources to alleviate the isolating and overwhelming aspects of motherhood. Featured on Bloomin' Female Force, Juliana and Martina lead this community, providing an active, engaging space for parents to connect and thrive. With a myriad of activities including baby groups, playdates, and educational opportunities, MESH ensures parents enjoy fun events while forging connections. Their network of expert resources empowers mothers, addressing queries and uncertainties throughout the motherhood journey. Beyond personal support, joining MESH Moms extends a helping hand to the greater Atlanta community. In essence, MESH Moms offers a nurturing environment where mothers uplift, encourage, and guide one another, making the journey of motherhood less challenging and more fulfilling. Join MESH Moms today to find your tribe and navigate this beautiful yet complex journey with support and camaraderie. View feature on Instagram.

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

These extraordinary women entrepreneurs featured on Bloomin' Female Force serve as role models, demonstrating that success knows no boundaries. Their stories embody resilience, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, inspiring individuals worldwide to chase their dreams and make a difference in their respective fields.

The Bloomin' Female Force continues to serve as a catalyst for change, not only by showcasing these remarkable women but also by fostering a community that encourages collaboration, support, and empowerment. Lets celebrate the achievements of these trailblazers!

The journey of these women in business is a testament to the power of determination, passion, and the unwavering belief in oneself. Their stories remind us that the only limits that exist are the ones we place on ourselves. As we look ahead, let's draw inspiration from these incredible individuals and strive to create a world where women's voices and contributions continue to flourish and impact the world positively.

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