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Christmas Cards And Holiday Printables

What are your holiday traditions? Do you send cards by mail? or is email your thing? Are you a gift giver? Do you get creative with the presentation or are you more of a "eh, gift wrap ends up in the trash anyway so who cares!" type of person? No matter what you are or how you feel about decorating, etc., here are some holiday printable gift tags for the DIY'ers and stunning Christmas card examples for those wanting a not-so-traditional photo card with loads of design flair.

Do the holidays up right with these styled cards from our friends at LOVE VS DESIGN:

There's still time to get your cards out but you need to hurry - Christmas is almost here!!

Ah the colors!! And what a beautiful way to share your big day in the form of a holiday card...

And last but not least, a bit of cuteness to inspire you with this adorable birth announcement / Christmas card.

Absolutely love'erly. ♥

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