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How To Effectively Choose Your Website Color Scheme

How important is a great color scheme for your website that not only looks appealing but also compliments and/or matches your brand? VERRRRRY important. As stated on the WIX Blog, a strong color palette is one of the most significant elements of web design as colors set the mood and define the statement your business is making on the web.


When you’re comparing color options, remember the big picture. It’s not just about the color of the font and how it matches the color of the buttons. The colors that are prominent on your website should reflect your brand identity more generally.

You wouldn’t use one logo for your website and another logo for your package design, right? It’s the same with colors. Be consistent with how you look across different marketing platforms and work with colors that you believe really represent you and your brand’s vision.

My most favorite place for color reference and inspiration is You can search by color and collection which will make your life much easier. There are oodles of absolutely stunning images with coordinated color swatches (they even provide the HEX #) on their website which by the way, will lure you in for hours. Prepare your schedule accordingly. You've been warned...

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