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Three Tips To Staying Sweet With Bitter People

Ever have a 🍋SOUR 🍋experience with a client? You know....the one who is never satisfied, who is looking for a reason to complain (or a refund) and is generally a pain in the tush to work with?⁠ Keep scrolling for tips to staying sweet and keeping your cool.

handling difficult clients

How to stay sweet with bitter people:

❗Don't ever stoop to a level of unprofessionalism⁠.⁠ Cultivate a tribe of other business minds or mentors you can vent to, but always maintain your dignity in front of a client or customer.⁠

❗Value yourself enough to have limits. Learn to say "no" with all the courtesy and decorum possible. You are not a doormat.⁠

❗You know the expression "kill 'em with kindness"! Find a way to disarm a negative individual by unexpectedly accommodating or going above and beyond for them. This doesn't mean they get to push you around, but it does mean you can take the moral high ground and exemplify exceptional business models!


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