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Whipped Shave Butter Review + Promo Code

I was beyond thrilled to try the All Girl Shave Club Whipped Shave Butter and just like thousands of others, ohhhh boy did I LOVE IT!

The shave butter is so rich and creamy! Your legs will feel soft and moisturized like nothing else you've ever shaved with before! It's loaded with the goodness of natural avocado oil and shea butter for extreme moisture, and the lusciousness of bentonite clay which helps your razor glide effortlessly while shaving. Bye-bye nicks & cuts!

My absolute favorite scent is Beach Babe (coconut and orange with hints of gardenia and driftwood). It's unbelievably mild yet it leaves the freshest whisper of clean behind.

Shave Butter for Girls

There are no parabens, no propylene glycol, and no added colors/dyes. Safe and effective for all skin types. The shave butter is available in 5 different scents as well as unscented so no matter what your preference is, All Girl Shave Club has you covered!

Scent profiles:

Pink Champagne - Crisp, refreshing aroma of sparkling white wine with nuances of pomegranate and green apple, with hints of rose and geranium.

Flirty Mermaid - Berries and citrus, wrapped in white florals on a base of soft amber.

Vanilla Cupcake - Rich vanilla with a warm, lingering sweetness

Unicorn Kisses- Luscious passion fruit blended with citrus fruits and papaya with a hint of sweet vanilla.

Beach Babe - Coconut and orange with hints of gardenia and driftwood.

Unscented - No fragrance added

Brittany writes:

"I love the texture, I love the scent, there’s nothing not to love about it in my book!"

All Girl Shave Club Whipped Shave Butter

Courtney writes:

"Whipped shave butter is the best for a close, smooth shave. Leaves your legs hydrated & nick free! Really is great for inexperienced shavers to prevent cuts!"

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