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Refresh Quiz

Is your website ready for a makeover?

This quiz is designed to help you assess whether your website is due for a makeover or if it's still hitting the mark. Answer the following questions to gain valuable insights into the state of your website and discover if it's time for a refresh.

SSS Neutral Boho Desktop 11.jpg
When was the last time you revamped your website design?
How satisfied are you with your website's current layout and aesthetics?
Have you received any feedback from users regarding difficulties in navigating your website?
How does your website perform on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)?
Do you regularly monitor your website's loading speed?
Have you incorporated any new features or technologies into your website in the past year?
How do your website analytics look in terms of visitor engagement, bounce rate, and conversion rates?
How does your website compare to competitors in your industry?
How aligned is your current website with your brand identity and messaging?


  • For every "a" answer, assign 3 points.

  • For every "b" answer, assign 2 points.

  • For every "c" answer, assign 1 point.

  • For every "d" answer, assign 0 points.


  • 25-30 points: Your website is in great shape and doesn't need a major overhaul.

  • 15-24 points: Your website could benefit from some updates and improvements.

  • 5-14 points: It's time for a website refresh to enhance user experience and stay competitive.

  • 0-4 points: Your website is likely outdated and in dire need of a refresh to meet modern standards.

If your website is already in top shape, you're clearly on the right track. Keep up the excellent work! However, should you require assistance, feel free to drop your email below.

Let's Chat

If you have questions about web design or maintenance, please drop your info below and I'll be in touch to discuss how we can enhance your website together.

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