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A vibrant community for women seeking self-discovery, personal success, and genuine happiness.

The Fem-Suite


Come make connections with other 9-to-thrivers and talk about topics that matter to you.’s like Facebook, but better! No spam-y advertisements and all your boss babe besties are in one place!

Jump right in - pose questions or join an ongoing discussion around something close to your heart.

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questions and answers

Is The Fem-Suite Collective free to join?

Yes! Great care has been taken to ensure that the collective remains free for all members and the only expected effort in return is participating in discussions – an incredibly low barrier for those interested in joining.


We will roll out premium VIP membership options soon - stay tuned for more information.

What is The Fem-Suite Collective?

With access to tailored guidance, helpful tips, and fun networking groups, The Fem-Suite Collective has something to offer every woman looking to find community and thrive.

Who is The Fem-Suite Collective for?

This community is geared for women who enjoy cooking, healthy living, inspirational quotes, self-promotion, motherhood and more. Come connect with other boss babes, share ideas, and discover new opportunities.

What are the benefits of being a member of The Fem-Suite Collective?

Being a member of The Fem-Suite Collective is an invaluable opportunity for female professionals interested in online collaboration and connection. This community serves as a hub specifically designed to help women build meaningful relationships that are vital to success as well as have some fun with recipe swaps, sharing favorite podcasts, and finding work-life balance, to name a few. 

How can I join The Fem-Suite Collective?

Click here to sign up (it's free!). Then, simply find a group you're interested in and join the talk!

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