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3 Ways To Avoid Burnout

I want to let you in on something I learned the hard​ ​way...

Burnout is REAL. Don’t assume you’re immune just​ ​because you love your work (like I did). Instead, check​ ​out these 3 ways to avoid burnout that I’ve learned​ ​over the last 3 years:

1. Schedule one full day off each week. No exceptions!

2. Have a clear start and end time to your days. Especially for those of us who work from home, we​ ​can easily start working into allllll hours of the night.

3. Designate a specific place where you plan to do the​ ​majority of your work. Of course we all love to work​ ​from bed once in a while, but I have found it most​ ​helpful to have a designated place at home where I do​ ​my work vs. the rest of my house where I “live.”


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