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Barry James Dyke Corporate Identity Package Design

corporate identity package

emoBRAND's Barry James Dyke Mood-board is a luscious display of sumptuous muted masculine colors showcasing the many faces of Barry James Dyke -- Author of "The Pirates of Manhattan," Financial Advisor of Castle Asset Management, and Catalyst -- The Economic Warrior podcasts and YouTube -- investigative reporting of how the Wall Street Industrial Propaganda Complex makes it near impossible for the "little guy" to get ahead and how they're sticking it to you. A sweet man with a strong voice and great arguments for what Wall Street is really doing with your money to use it against your success and how to overcome that distasteful reality. emoBRAND created such stunning design that brings to life the series of books: The Pirates of Manhattan, prominently showcased in the mood-board. Luxe Imagery carefully curated for selling the ideas Dyke so effectively and painstakingly portray. Such visions lend themselves easily to such drama-inspired pirates, castles and warriors. All Barry James Dyke.

branding seal designs -

The "Seals" have it! Each seal denotes a division of Barry James Dyke's highly reputable Brand in 4 parts. Blogger, Vlogger, Author, Advisor and Rabble Rouser. An intricate 4 part brand bringing together design, function and form. The 3 second rule applies with these seals - on first blush, you see instantly what Barry does. And the branding does it with style, emotion and grandiosity. Less is more. Minimalist Brand design hits the mark with simple, elegant and consistent craft. Less is always more.

business card design -

The Business Card, or known as B.C in the biz, takes shape for Barry James Dyke in a riveting but versatile handout that shows the variety of Barry's talents and skills. A true entrepreneur usually does more than one thing well. Jack of all trades, so to speak. It was a challenge to bring together all Barry's businesses and offerings in one card that got the point across economically and modularly. The elegant logo, which is classic and will NEVER go out of style for a million years, flows throughout all the branding collateral with sumptuous backgrounds that make you want to frame it and hang it on the wall. The faux metallic works well to break up the monotony of the monotone brand. If you could call "copper" a color, this one surpasses gold and silver as being the metal of choice. Regal, royal, heavy. Overwhelming masculine beauty that even the prissiest beauty-queen could fall in love with. Have you ever seen such simple sufficiency. Even black looks like velvet. You want to touch these backgrounds. If a brand could come out of the design and grab you by the shoulders, this Barry James Dyke Brand does.

business stationery design -

BARRY JAMES DYKE - The Economic Warrior -- Branding combines the use of artisan created fonts, shapes, colors and backgrounds to paint a picture of one financial advisors rise to fame and fortune through art, branding, personality and placement. The Economic Warrior -- Barry -- is a tireless fighter in gaining attention and uncovering the Wall Street Industrial Complex which puts most Americans in the poor house in one way or another -- they always get you in the end.....unless you have a financial advisor like Barry James Dyke who extolls the advantages of being advised by his "how to avoid the brainwashed wall street propaganda and truly make and protect your investment that survives for your family long after you're gone. His radio podcasts can be found here. The logos and brand for The Economic Warrior is as faceted and layered as is Barry. Always fighting for truth and wealth -- with a brilliantly crafted branding to accompany his great style and expertise. Even the colors and backgrounds paint a rich complex hand-crafted look that echoes back to the grand financial success of America - turn of the century -- reinvented for modern day.

book cover design -

Buy one or all three. The design beckons you. These best-selling book covers for The Pirates of Manhattan delight whether you're a Wall Street Investor or an art lover. If you can judge a book by its cover, these books show that what's among its pages is worth a good read. The theme for Barry James Dyke is sister designs -- similar but different. Every design works brilliantly together like it was designed as one. And these book covers are no exception. The quality of design and art surpasses most books on Wall Street you'll ever see. Yes. with emoBRAND, you CAN judge a book by its cover. TRIVIA -- Jay Leno showed the cover #1 on his show and went over the moon for the cover. As well as the editor of Vanity Fair. These are truly best-selling covers. The book, the design, the cover. What a thrill to take a bland subject and turn it into a full feature movie! Branding -- and bringing all the pieces of your business together is an art. A luxury art. You get what you pay for.....the best is within your reach! Forget agencies. Get your brand design done ahead of schedule and under budget. Ditch the million dollar Marketing & Advertising Agencies and go for the luxe boutique firm. Most of the time they do it faster, better and cheaper.


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