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Discover a Fun and Unique Way to Shave - #YESGIRL

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

The All Girl Shave Club shaving plan delivers a rose gold 6-blade diamond coated shaving system straight to your door with a customized plan based on your shaving habits.

All Girl Shave Club Starter Kit

She’s pretty, #amiright!? Say goodbye to unattractive, standard, borrrrrrrring razors that give you nicks and's time for the 6-blade diamond coated razor from @allgirlshaveclub!!

rose gold razor

Things I bet you'll LOVE about the Rose Gold Razor:

  • Bye-bye plastic, hellllooooo Rose Gold metal handle! Weighted for extra precision and control.

  • 6-blade, stay sharp system for a smoother, closer shave that's gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

  • Diamond coated blades for extra durability that last longer than any other system we've tried!

  • Flexible head to navigate delicate feminine curves and hard to reach places.

  • Lubricating Vitamin E & Aloe moisture strip

  • Built in bikini-trimming blade on every cartridge to keep you swimsuit ready!

whipped shave butter

People are raving: SMOOTHEST. SHAVE. EVER.

All Girl Shave Club sample pack

Subscribe : $18 (FREE SHIPPING!)

(delivery every 2, 3 or 4 months)

Sample Pack : $27

Note: sample pack is not a subscription product.

Sample pack includes: Rose gold handle in the rubber grip color of your choice, 4 replacement 6-blade diamond coated razor refills, safety cover, storage tote for easy grab and go!, customer favorite whipped shave butter in the scent of your choice.

whipped shave cream

See ya NEVER razor burn...


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