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Fuzzy Duckling Designs Website Launch

Just finished this build for Fuzzy Duckling Designs and I LOVE that this company is all about women - LITTLE WOMEN, that is!! ⁠

Thanks Fuzzy Duckling Designs for the honor of creating for your company. Love partnering with your passion to inspire beauty and joy for little girls!⁠

"Strong women. ⁠

May know them. ⁠

May we be them. ⁠

May we raise them!!"

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If you're in the market for the posh-est, fancy-est, twirly-est tutus, flower girl dresses and birthday ensembles, this boutique is for you!! Check out the new site and pick up something princess-y for your daughter, niece or a special little girl in your life!⁠

flower girl dresses and fairy sets

princess dresses for girls

custom dresses for little girls and toddlers

Shop Fuzzy Duckling Designs on ETSY.

fuzzy duckling designs on etsy

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