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Adrienne Belair of Spoon and Sprig Studio

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

New to the Bloomin’ Female Force is Adrienne Belair of Spoon and Sprig Studio - @spoonandsprigstudio handmade visual and functional art for you and your home, grown in the heart of South Lake Tahoe.

Adrienne is a visual and functional artist. She enjoys sharing her art/creations and small moments of her life on Instagram. Learn more fun facts about Adrienne...

Adrienne Belair of Spoon and Sprig Studio

Fun fact:

"I didn't even want to take the ceramics class that started my journey with pottery, I didn't think I would like here I am!"

She says the best part about what she does is getting to creatively express herself. "Nature plays an important part of my artwork, both as a source of material and inspiration. In my view, nature is the purest form of art and by using sticks and other found objects from the natural world, I try to capture some of that essence and remind the viewer that nature is itself an art."

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