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Rebecca Voorhees of Diva di Cucina

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

New to the Bloomin' Female Force is Rebecca Voorhees of Diva di Cucina - a space for all things food! ⁠ On her Instagram page, @divadicucina (please follow 👍🏻) she shares recipes, kitchen tips and tricks, and products from her kitchen boutique.

A fun fact about Rebecca is she loves to garden and drink wine, simultaneously. She considers herself to be cheery, kind, and creative.

Szilvia Burrows of Knitluxe Studio

Rebecca in a nut shell:

"I was born and raised in small Northern California town and I moved about 2 hours away for College and have stayed put since. I currently reside outside of Sacramento and work as a Design Studio Manager at the local University. I am a perfectionist and a control freak who likes to follow rules and I hate it when I disappoint people. You can always find a “To Do” list on my desk. Sometimes I even write things down that I have already done, just to be able to check it off. The people who know me best would say I am passionate, determined, and that I love wine and bottomless mimosas. I don’t think anyone would ever describe me as shy. If I had an entire day to myself you could probably find me aimlessly wandering through Target, Michaels, or Rod Works. I love home décor and making things! I need coffee every day. Like NEED, as soon as my eyes are open. But it must be a good dark roast with a hearty splash of cream. I can’t stand cheap coffee. My favorite ice cream is mint chip and I insist on eating tacos every Tuesday."

She says the best part about what she does is combining her love of design and all things food, and designing her very own kitchen products which she sells in her "kitchen boutique".

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