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The Beautiful, Blessed Role of Womanhood

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

glittering grace online magazine about womanhood

You, my friend, are in the company of women who walk in the same shoes. They are stunning stilettos.

And yet, these shoes crunch your toes and blister your heels sometimes. Know that you are not alone in these shoes — the beautiful, blessed role of womanhood.

Whether your days are spent in a cubicle or in the carpool line.

Whether you’ve resigned yourself to a career you can’t stand, or are ambitiously climbing the corporate ladder.

Whether your marriage is strong or stagnant.

Whether you’ve got your act together or are just acting like you’ve got it together.

Whether you’re a hot momma or a hot mess.

Our hearts as women all long for the same thing…..acceptance, assurance and security that we are enough.





We are all in these trenches together.

You with the baby on your hip and a toddler wrapped around your ankle, exhausted from years of broken sleep.

…and you wishing your sleepless nights were full of baby snuggles instead of empty tears as you grieve infertility or miscarriage.

You’re not alone.

You struggling to reconcile yourself to the single status you never imagined in your future.

…and you praying for intimacy with a husband in a marriage that has drifted apart and left you lonely.

You’re not alone.

You feeling overlooked and under valued in your workplace.

…and you feeling those same things at home.

You are not alone.

Our situations may differ dramatically, but our hearts all are in desperate need of grace.


A healing salve for our brokenness, frustration, striving and insufficiencies.

Grace is what we hope you’ll encounter at Glittering Grace, We exists to encourage ladies in the trenches of motherhood, marriage and every season of womanhood.

Our quarterly magazine and subscription gift boxes endeavor to be full of beauty, inspiration, support and encouragement for your home and heart. Stories of exceptional grace in impossible circumstances are shared by women who have walked hard, broken roads.

Our GlitterBoxes are themed gift boxes packed with gifts intending to pamper you, grace you’r home with beauty and add a bit of “glitter” to your life.

Glittering Grace Swag Bag

We aim to embody the inspiration of Pinterest,

the beauty of Instagram,

and the comfort of coffee with a dear friend.

Grace. May we be women who receive it. Who embody it. Who extend it! May we be women of glittering grace!

Magazine $15/quarter

GlitterBox Subscription $45/quarter

(includes home decor, glittery accessories and seasonal gifts)


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