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When was the last time you legit CLOSED your computer?

I mean powered-down and turned it off?⁠ And that goes for your iPhone too!!⁠

work home balance

Ladies, I'm JUST as guilty as the rest of you, but we can do better!! Just putting this out there for whoever needs to hear it (and documenting it as my own personal commitment to do so.....)⁠

This working from home thing is HARD because it means work is always right there with you AT HOME!! ⁠

Do you :⁠

➡️ Respond to client/co-worker emails after 5:00 or feel a compulsion to do so immediately?⁠

➡️ Take your phone to bed with you and check emails before you get up each morning?⁠

➡️ Maintain the same level of performance on weekends as week-days?⁠

Studies show that our sleep, focus and even relationships suffer when we don't have clear lines drawn between work and home life. And its real-easy for that to get blurry fast when you work from home.⁠

You're not going to get it all right today. Or even tomorrow. Start small. What can you do TODAY? Circumstances are constantly in flux and demands are legit. But prioritizing your health and wellbeing has to be given adequate attention too!⁠

So here's the challenge:

It's Friday. Right NOW is a great time to take the bait! COMMENT "Signing Off" below if you've gotten this far through my rant and are inspired to implement some self-care and shut your computer down for a bit!⁠


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