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Your New Website Is Live. Now What?

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

You took the plunge into the wonderful world of WIX and now have a stunning looking website (and for those of you who have a Bella and Bloom designed website, thank you!) but what now? Are you panicking about how to promote your website to the masses? Or how exactly to show it off and get an increase in traffic? It can be an overwhelming, frustrating and intimidating process but never fear, here are a few easy and FAST ways to promote your website online without breaking a sweat. Breath and read on...


The fastest way to reach all of your contacts at once is to send an email blast. WithWix ShoutOut, you can easily create a gorgeous email announcing that your website is officially up and running. Customize the look and feel of your email by adding attractive images and compelling text.

While you’re at it… why not let the social realm know your business is officially on the map? Adding social buttons at the bottom of your email will allow your readers to share your news with their friends on social media.


Let’s get real for a minute. If you want to connect with the masses, social media is the place to be. You’ll want to set up social accounts for your business asap, and then let your followers know that your website is live. Think of a fun way to engage with your audience by coming up with a promotion or contest around the launch of your site; it’s a surefire way to get people talking.

Remember that beautiful ShoutOut you sent out to all of your contacts? Now that you’re a social media maven, you can share your ShoutOut with your followers so everyone gets this important memo.


If you’re looking to target your advertising efforts and get your business more exposure, consider pay-per-click advertising (known as PPC). Not clear on what we’re talking about? Here’s the breakdown...with a program like Google AdWords, you’ll “bid” on a series of words that align with your business. When someone does a search for those same words in Google, your website will show up and you’ll pay just for the clicks you get. Still a little intimidated? Not to worry, SearchBoost, straight from the Wix AppMarket, does the hard work for you by creating custom ads for Google and Bing while targeting the most relevant audience for your biz.

Another way to get on board the paid advertising train is Facebook advertising. You can create custom Facebook advertising campaigns with SocialBoost based on who you’re looking to target and what your budget is.

Source: The WIX Blog

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