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10 Exquisite WIX Templates for Women-Led Businesses

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It’s no secret that a captivating website is an essential ingredient to create intrigue and whet the appetite of potential customers. What is a mystery however, is how incapacitating the insurmountable task of choosing a template to build your website from can feel. It’s akin Belle in the “Be Our Guest” scene of Beauty & The Beast. With delectable dishes and divine desserts paraded before you and more choices than you can count, the flavors and flair can leave you feeling faint. The decisions are dizzying and downright daunting. Just as the casual diner can hardly distinguish between Panna Cotta and Panettone, the new boss babe may find the commitment of weeding through website templates consternating!

wedding website display

Fortunate for us, there is a rising tide of female-businesses and website builders like WIX offers an enticing array of templates as samplers to select from. So allow me to entice you with the specials of the day. I’ve carefully curated a menu of my favorite WIX templates for female led businesses. Plating these up pretty so you can disregard all the fast food and flashy commercial consumer options and settle into an exquisite dining experience tasting the best in the biz!

As I’m serving these up, keep in mind, any design that tantalizes your taste can be fully customized to suite your own business message. All colors, styles, designs, fonts and photos are able to adapt to better represent your story and selling points.

Picture this:

You’ve got your business name, your branding, your passion and purpose and you’re ready to sell online, but there’s a hiccup. You’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the Lingerie Store WIX design, but you sell something absolutely not lingerie related! Who says selling sculptures, staples or stationary isn’t sexy?! No worries there! We can keep the lovely layout but modify the site to create sweet temptations with your textiles or help viewers discover the irresistible allure of a spotless home with your Cleaning Business.

Without further adieu, I’m proud to present, 10 Stunning WIX Templates for Female Led Businesses

1) Shoe Store WIX Template

WIX Shoe Store Template

Crafted with an eye for design and a passion for footwear this template seamlessly blends style and functionality. Showcase your stunning shoe collection (or gardening tools or tropical decor) with ample space for eye-catching images. This site lends itself to user-friendly navigation and offers a virtual shopping experience thats as comfortable as your favorite pair of sneakers! Step into the future of online retail with this best-foot-forward site!


2) Fashion Blog WIX Template

WIX Fashion Blog template

Sleek and stylish and designed for the trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts, this site makes a stunning statement in the digital world. This template offers a red carpet runway entrance for your business or boutique and connects your audience to your unique style. Perfect for fashion influencers or budding bloggers, this template allows you to mirror your passion for fashion on the largest stage - the www!!


3) Pop Up Shop WIX Template

WIX Pop Up Shop template

Dynamic and engaging, the WIX Pop Up Shop template is perfect for brands looking to make a big impact and build buzz for your retail event. The integrated commerce features and flexibility allow you to showcase products and promotions effortlessly.


4) Fashion Stylist WIX Template

WIX Fashion Stylist template

Designed with flair and functionality in mind, this template provides a chic and professional online platform to showcase your styling expertise. Share portfolio galleries or organize appointment bookings; all the tools you need are at your disposal on this fancy forum!


5) Clothing Store WIX Template

WIX Clothing Store template

Tailored for fashion-forward brands, this template offers a sleek and sexy platform to curate your collections. List eye-catching products and display seasonal specials. Engage shoppers and boost sales with this virtual boutique that caters to viewers retail therapy needs.


6) Swimwear Store WIX Template

WIX Swimwear Store template

Dive into success and make a splash with this trendy template. List your beach-ready collections through captivating visuals and easy navigation that appeals to your clientele. The shopping experience made simple, seamless and savvy! Whether you’re launching a new line or expanding your empire, the WIX Swimwear Store Template helps you build a web presence as vibrant as the product you offer! Make waves in the fashion industry with this template!


7) Lingerie Store WIX Template

WIX Lingerie Store template

Crafted for elegance and allure, this template offers and sensual and captivating platform and confident shopping experience for the consumer. With its sophisticated design, high-quality imagery and e-commerce integration, it provides a visually appealing and intimate shopping experience.


8) Feminine Products Shop WIX Template

WIX Feminine Product Store template

Empower your product based business on this pretty platform. Designed with both visual appeal and functionality in mind, this template creates a user-friendly experience. The feminine aesthetic resinates with your target audience and inspires confidence and empowerment which reflects your brands mission and commitment to women’s well being. Make an impact with this bold and beautiful site!


8) Subscription Box WIX Template

Subscription Box WIX template

Specifically for entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in the subscription box industry, this template offers a leg up in the field. Equipped with tools to deliver unique and curated experiences to your subscribers, your site will stand out amongst the competition. Whether your starting a beauty box, gourmet food subscription or any other niche, this template will keep customers eager anticipating your next box!


10) Beauty Technician WIX Template

WIX Beauty Technician template

From portfolio galleries to before & after comparisons, the stage is set for success with this functional platform where you can engage viewers of your site with a sophisticated booking system and everything you need to connect with clients. Glamorous and gorgeous, this site invites the clientele with irresistible aesthetics and allure!


So there’s the skinny and a sampling of my favorite selections. With such a vast smorgasbord of designs, I’ve got a few flavorful favorites but am always willing to spice it up with other options. Let’s get together and discuss your gourmet taste.

Grab your fork and knife (or rather, your mouse and keyboard) and let’s embark on a journey exploring the unique flavor of your business. Together we’ll whip up a website thats as visually satisfying as a perfectly plated dish. Together, we’ll turn your digital presence into a delectable masterpiece!


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