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Cracking The Code Of Web Talk: Embracing Geek Speak

So, you’ve decided you need a website. CONGRATULATIONS! Now begins tumble down the rabbit hole of technical terminology. At this point, you may feel like Alice who has descended into a deep and mysterious web wonderland. Let me be the first to say, you’re not alone if you feel completely illiterate when it comes to “geek speak”. Wondering what in the world all these acronyms stand for and embarrassed you have an elementary education in all the cyber slang? Is your head spinning with the jargon and buzzwords of the web design world? Suddenly you feel like a malfunctioning animation and your brain is on the fritz?

I got ya girl!

Don’t let the tech talk inhibit your progress or scare you away! I’m here to help you simplify all the intimidating lingo and give you a fluency in web-wording. Stop swimming in alphabet soup and let’s do a little decoding together!

Table of Contents:

decoding web talk


Aah….the mystical science of making you website findable in the wilderness of the World Wide Web! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The internet is like a weird dating game where everyone is trying to one-up the person next to them and stand out among the others and compete for attention. SEO is when the webmaster wizard (me) uses keyword sorcery and meta tag wizardry to create captivating search terms so engines like Google are more attracted to your site.


This term refers to the “street address” over your website. Technically speaking, its the Uniform Resource Locator. Basically it’s like the GPS coordinates guiding browsers to YOUR home page. Each and every URL is as unique as a fingerprint. As we’ve established, the web is a maze of letters, numbers, codes, decryptions and algorithms and your URL is the compass which clearly directs people to an online destination.


Hosting is the grand, luxury hotel that is the residence for your website. Allow me to introduce WIX which I use for all my site builds. This service provides space, storage and resources so your site can shine and sparkle. Think of hosting as the Ritz Carlton staff waiting on you hand and foot, catering to your needs. The responsibility of your web host is to make sure that things run smoothly for you, load properly, performs optimally and that it is secure! This is your personal concierge.


Your domain is a broad term that encompasses the entire website (whereas a URL is a more specific address that points to a specific page). Domain is the territory and scope of your website. It’s the sphere of your websites online presence.


Hyper Text Markup Language is a secret language of your website. Its complex and intricate but its beautiful! Let’s think of it as a creatively complex composed poem that tells your browser what to display. HTML is essentially the architect behind the structure and layout of your site.


Now we’re pulling back the curtain for the runway model of your website. CSS is here for the the fashion show bringing all the glamor and glitz!! CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and its basically your websites personal stylist. Think colors, fonts and overall appearance. CSS takes the framework of your site and dolls it up with a dazzling gown and a makeover and up-do for it’s cyber soiree debut!


Every adventurer needs a Swiss army knife and apps are your ultimate tool kit! These nifty add ons are limitless and add tricks to your website that take it from a boring browse to an interactive and engaging site. Apps are things like social media buttons, contact forms, maps, response forms, surveys, videos, sign up sheets, and even practical safeguards such as protection for your site from sneaky hackers. Just like a Swiss army knife, plug ins are one tool with limitless possibilities. These are a fun way to polish up a website and give it a life of its own! Check out this list of free apps on the WIX Marketplace.

So, now that you’ve had your little language lesson, have navigated the labyrinth and know the laymen’s terms for these intimidating acronyms, you’re well on your way to becoming a “tech-y" yourself? You’re practically fluent in geek speak now!

woman sitting on bed typing on laptop

So, let’s talk WEB DESIGN for YOU!

If the thought of starting a conversation about web design has left you intimidated or unsure, let me put your mind at ease….I’m here to patiently guide you through the digital realm and want to do that by offering a FREE consultation to explore your specific needs.

You might be wondering “whats the catch”?

Truth be told, there isn’t one! I sincerely want you to explore the needs and possibilities of your site without fear of the unknown. So whether you’re exploring the need for a brand new completely customized website or if you simply need a little maintenance magic to makeover a dull, outdated site, I’m here to lend a helping hand! I’ll be your translator when it comes to terms you don’t know and offer you information so you can make an informed decision. Your free call is simply a chance to brainstorm together and for you to get creative and discover solutions tailored to you!

So what should you expect from a FREE consultation?

A Warm Welcome: I’m down-to-earth, love chatting over coffee (even if its virtual) and want you to know immediately that you have an advocate in me to attentively listen to your ideas, goals and any reservations you have. Zero Pressure: Know beforehand that there will be absolutely zero pressure to commit to anything. I’m here to be a sounding board and to offer you creative solutions and ideas. Take your time, dream about the possibilities and know I’m here as your cheerleader! Customized Solutions: Together we’ll explore you’re unique needs and develop a game plan to bring your ideals into reality. Personal Guidance: My clients remark all the time on the exceptional communication during the process of building a site together (read the reviews!) I make it my mission to make sure that every step is clear and understandable. Fun: If you’ve been dreading the hassle of a website build, be prepared to be surprised. It’s truly magical and memorable to see your dreams and ideas materialize and vision come to life. We’ll work together to build a beautiful digital home for your business. Check out the portfolio of my latest work. If you’re ready to take this brave step, schedule a FREE consultation to chat about what your site needs to perform optimally and to stand out amongst the competition!


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