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Ever Wonder What Approach is Taken for a Semi-Custom Web Design? Find Out Here...

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Web Design by Bella & Bloom

If there's one thing I love about Semi-Custom design, it's the turnaround time. It's quick. Usually less than 10 days from start to finish. That includes the design + SEO + mobile optimization + a reasonable amount of revisions. Not bad, huh?

How is that possible, you may be asking.

The answer is: select the right #WIX template.

It's key and will allow time for customization and revisions.

And while yes, we are working with an existing WIX template and not building a site from scratch, it will still look customized and unique. Promise.

In order to achieve this, there are a handful of important steps that must be taken at the start:

  1. Pre-production phone call to discuss the project and the particulars

  2. Design questionnaire to help identify the "look"

  3. Template selection

  4. Design phase

  5. Revision phase

Sounds like a-lot but if the approach is followed, the process will be as smooth as the cream in your coffee.

The overall approach is simple. Check it out:


Payment in full is required. If the project allotment is not used in its entirety, any leftover time will be converted to a maintenance plan. And this is a good thing! Having left over time means for any future requests after the site is live, as long as it fits within the remaining allotment, all you have to do is ask and the request will be carried out (as long as it is possible on the WIX platform).

Design Questionnaire

Completion of a design questionnaire is required before production can begin. This is an invaluable step in the design process that offers a clear understanding of your style and must-haves. Yep, this is important. Take your time and provide as much information as you can.

Template Search

Based on the details you provide on the questionnaire, your designer will research WIX templates and provide a few for you to consider for use on the project. Note, this step is omitted if you already have a template selected.

Content and Photography

Before production can begin, ready-to-use content for all website pages, as well as photos must be provided. Content. Is. Important. That is, unless you don't want to be found on Google or other search engines. Your content should be keyword-rich and well written. p/s...if you need stock images, a free resource will be offered.


The creative process begins. Within a few days (baring any unforeseen delays beyond Bella & Bloom's control - ie, official holidays, power outages, etc.), you will be provided a customized draft of the template to review. This draft will include both a customized desktop version and a mobile version.


Design revisions must be submitted in writing.  Bella & Bloom makes every effort to incorporate your consolidated ideas and changes when revising the design drafts.  You have unlimited revisions as long as the requests are within the project allotment of time. Should your revisions exceed the plan hours, your designer will recommend purchasing additional time via a site maintenance plan. While needing additional time is rare, it does happen. And the reason it happens is....well, to name a few: you end up not liking the template, you request add-on's that were not initially discussed which can be time consuming to set up, you have an excessive amount of revisions to the structure of the template, etc. Not to worry though - you will be updated during each phase of how much time is left in the allotment. There will be no surprises.

Approval and Website Transfer

Once the website is approved, it will be transferred from your designer's WIX account to your WIX account. After the transfer has been accepted, you will have full access to the website to self-maintain at your discretion. Your designer will no longer have access to the website once the transfer to your WIX account is accepted.

Annual Hosting

You are responsible for purchasing annual hosting through WIX to enable website installation, application of your domain, and removal of WIX ads (instructions will be provided). 

And that's it!

You're in good, capable, patient, trusted hands.

Need more convincing? Check out these rave reviews.


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