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Brianne Macdonald of Nody Charms, Reiki Infused Wellness Items

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

New to the Bloomin' Female Force is Brianne Macdonald of Nody Charms - reiki infused wellness items!⁠ ⁠ On her Instagram page, @Nody_charms (please follow 👍🏻) she shares customizable gemstone bracelets, affirmation decks, and my journey with mental health.

A fun fact about Brianne is she's been skydiving. She considers herself to be fun, awkward and loving.

Szilvia Burrows of Knitluxe Studio

Brianne says the best part about what she does is meeting new people and hearing new stories.

Noteworthy bits from Brianne:

"Nody comes from my sons names put together - NOAH & CODY - and voilà you have NODY :)

My small business started in July of 2020! It actually originally began as a hobby, something for just me!

I have always had anxiety, which worsened after having kids. To help that I started making bracelets with inspirational words and quotes. I found myself looking down at my wrist and seeing my kids initials, along with one bracelet that read "breathe". I noticed myself becoming more mindful, more peaceful. And I wanted others to feel this too. I decided to start and Instagram to see if I could help other people and make them something special.

Because this all for mental health, I also felt like I needed to give back. So, I started putting a portion of my sales away and every month make a donation to Pathsone Mental Health.

When it comes to mental health, I am an open book. I have loved hearing every ones stories and meeting new people through amazing community. I am happy to see how much this business has grown and am excited to keep it going! I cannot wait to bring your visions to life!"

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