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Tailem of Harry and Herne, Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

New to the Bloomin' Female Force is Tailem of Harry and Herne - handmade and homemade polymer clay jewelry!⁠ ⁠ On her Instagram page, @harryandherne (please follow 👍🏻) she shares her gorgeous handmade and homemade ear candy to spread joy and make people feel good when they wear her gems.

A fun fact about Tailem is she's a dancer, musical theatre creative, designer, coffee enthusiast, wine aficionado, yogi, dessert queen, recovering perfectionist and work in progress. She considers herself to be fastidious, considered, thoughtful.

Taliem of Harry and Herne

Tailem is the creative behind Harry and Herne, a Melbourne-based contemporary polymer clay jewelry brand.

She says the best part about what she does is that she is self directed and personally responsible for her own choices about how she wants her business to look and feel.

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