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Pure and Sweet Branding Launch for Baby's Breath, Holistic Neonatal Transition

The creative branding launch for Baby's Breath, Holistic Neonatal Transition was designed with love by emoBRAND. Hear from the designer, Alison about what inspired her and how she arrived at the final concept:


"Baby’s Breath was a unique project that coordinated with Lavender Moon Midwifery (a sister entity). I wanted to create a seal denoting an official institution of education thus the round badge presence. Concurrently, I designed a lovely sprig of baby’s breath as a conventional logo also with a whimsical handwritten font to play off the hand lettering of Lavender Moon. All the colors harmonized and the result was a pretty purple branding which can stand on its own or be shown side by side with the parent logo without skipping a beat."


Full color logo and seal design.

Revised website for Lavender Moon with inclusion of Baby's Breath COMING SOON!

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