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The Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns & Why They're So Effective

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Another incredibly helpful (and entertaining) tip from the WIX Blog focuses on marketing campaigns that are powerful and endearing. This tip uses videos to offer special promotions and launch strong campaigns to hook potential buyers. Regardless if you plan to promote your services during the season or not, it's imperative that your online presence is well designed and eye catching.

Here are a few of the most beloved, creative and effective holiday marketing campaigns courtesy of the WIX Blog:

Come Together (H&M, 2016) – Create a warm, family atmosphere:

The name of the campaign pretty much sums it up. The story of getting together in order to celebrate special moments, even if it’s with strangers. Promotional still photos of the collection are designed in the same style as the ad and the company’s website was redesigned with the same theme of the short video.

The ad follows a train conductor that tries to make lemonade from the lemons thrown at him in the form of a long delay caused by bad weather. A delay that will make him and the rest of the passengers miss Christmas.

Santa Tracker (Google, 2004 – present) – Offer an interactive experience

Google’s Santa Tracker is one of most fun holiday marketing campaigns ever. This interactive website allows you to track Santa during Christmas Eve in addition to offering a wide array of interactive games and educational activities which are added daily from the beginning of December.

WestJet Christmas Miracle (WestJet, 2013) – Use the element of surprise on hidden camera

The featured video was launched in 2013 and following its success, the company turned the Christmas Miracle videos into a yearly tradition. To make a long story short, passengers of the Canadian airline were surprised to get the presents they wished for alongside their luggage at baggage claim. Around 150 WestJet employees participated in the buying, delivering and packaging of the gifts – all this miracle work was documented and featured in the video.

This heartwarming ad went viral worldwide within days and for good reason. Candid videos that are showing the reaction of real people are easy to create and promote, they’re fun to watch and they have viral qualities.

#ManOnTheMoon (John Lewis, 2015) – Aim for the heart

This ad is more than just a means to an end on the path of bringing you to tears. The fact that it’s an event people wait for and talk about is a huge advantage for John Lewis. Moreover, the slogan at the end of the ad, “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas,” effectively wraps the entire plot into a clear call to action.

Source: By Chen Attias

Community Manager, Wix – About The Wix Blog

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