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Eclectic Home Decor Items That Are Sure To Influence And Spark Your Style

I have been obsessed and on the hunt lately for supremely unique and eclectic/vintage home decor. World Market never disappoints. These fabulous finds are quite a compliment to the weathered rustic style I am so completely drawn to - but even if you don't share my love for vintage grunge, I bet you'll still be able to appreciate these unique and industrial-inspired design trends...

Embossed with a Parisian address and featuring three storage tiers for sorting letters, files and office supplies, this exclusive organizer adds vintage French style to the desktop. Only $39.99 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


Exquisitely and beautifully crafted, this Black Venetian Tile Plaque brings the majesty of Venetian tile design to the home. Only $15.99 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


This industrial-inspired Light Brown Iron Knob makes ideal finishing touches for DIY furniture projects, a remodeled kitchen or bathroom, or reimagined drawers. Made of iron with light brown finish and text, it offers mix-and-match versatility for a customizable look. Only $7.98 (whaaat??!?) at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


Inspired by vintage botanical drawings, this romantic wall art is emblazoned with a bright butterfly and the French translation of its name. Only $23.99 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


Rajasthan, meaning "Land of Kingdoms," has historically fostered a rich architectural and cultural heritage. This found horse head originated from a remote Indian haveli where it was a part of an ornate doorway. Repurposed and mounted on an iron stand, display this conversation piece in the entryway or home library. Only $84.98 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


Featuring decorative globe bulbs and a distressed finish reminiscent of a vintage chalkboard, this capital S letter light captures the glamour of classic marquee signs. Only $49.99 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


Distressed for a timeworn look, our wall clock with rounded corners lends a retro touch to any room. Only $31.99 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.


The door stops here with this Cast Iron Jack Doorstop. This vintage-inspired piece is a charming addition to your stoop and can even be used as a paperweight, bookend or accent piece. Its artistic cast iron silhouette harkens back to the Victorians who were the first to use sculptural elements to prop open a door. Only $6.99 at World Market. CLICK HERE to buy.

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