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The Digital Revolution And Success In The Workplace

Today, female entrepreneurs are shaking off the apron strings and serving up success in the workplace instead of meatloaf at the dinner table! In industries all across the board, we’ve witnessed the shift. What used to be exclusively male-dominated workplaces have in recent years opened their doors to favorable consideration for women.

The generation before us bravely fought for concessions for women to work their way up. They tediously proved themselves by plunking out memos and meeting notes on their typewriter and lobbying for fair workplace opportunities.

retro gal holding sunglasses

Today we observe a bright new world where we’ve traded our typewriters for touchscreens and turned our keyboards into digital empires!

Women are rewriting the rules and achieving remarkable success thanks in part to their ability to harness the power of the internet!! It has been the catalyst propelling progress and instigating change!

How the Internet in this Digital Revolution Has Leveled the Playing Field

Rewind 50 years to brick & mortar storefronts where shop owners were primarily male and they held a monopoly on revenue and return. Locals shopped locally and options were scarce, especially for women with an innate entrepreneurial spirit.

Fast forward to the 21st century where we now have limitless opportunities to ‘see and be seen’ with the development of online platforms, social media and website presence.

No longer are we resigned to roles requiring perfect manicures and polished manners. With a professional website, you can showcase your skills, expertise, voice and products on a platform that knows no limitations. Women are trading high heels for high yields as they corner their own markets, areas of expertise and niche audiences! Instead of perfectly coiffed hair in tight curls, we’re rolling out our own innovative ideas and groundbreaking business strategies.

You’re The Heroine of Your Digital Realm

Remember those old black & white movies with the damsel in distress awaiting her knight in shining armor to gallop in and save the day? Times have changed (with a grateful nod to a much happier-happily-ever-after!). We’ve swapped coffee shops for tower windows and tweets for carrier pigeons. Today's damsels have become digital dynamos!

The modern day technological landscape allows you to slay the SEO dragon, be the heroine of your own story and defend your brand's honor rocking a smart blazer (or yoga pants if you work from home)! The freedom of formidable female entrepreneurialism knows no bounds!

3 vinttage girls walking down street

Why Worry With a Website? Your Cyber Castle Decoded:

1) The Drawbridge of Invitation

Your online presence is very simply your digital storefront; or better yet, your fortress or cyber castle! A professionally designed website isn’t just a fancy facade; it's a declaration of your independence and prowess. Just like medieval castles fitted with drawbridges allowing access while keeping threats at bay, your website should feature a user friendly interface, inviting visitors to explore, while guarding against the countless threats of the internet.

A well designed website ensures your audience can navigate your digital domain effortlessly, increasing the likelihood of conversion and success.

2) The Visual Moat of Appeal

A visually appealing website is like a moat enclosure that keeps visitors captivated and engaged. A professional website allows your investment to leverage assets such as striking graphics, eye-catching images and design expertise that appeals to your audience and builds your brand recognition.

3) Your Expert Blacksmith

Even the mightiest knights of old relied on skilled blacksmiths to craft their armor and talented architects to design their castles. Likewise, your online kingdom will benefit greatly from the talent of a professional web designer. This is where you, the modern woman and entrepreneur, declare your independence and defend your territory against the competition. Crafting a website fit for a warrior and charging into the digital arena is not for the faint of heart.

2 retro women having lunch outdoors

While You Were Sleeping

Remarkable women fought tirelessly in a generation where societal expectations limited their lateral opportunities. Their dedication to their roles as wives, mothers, homemakers, and advocates makes them the unsung heroes of our modern day opportunities as female entrepreneurs. Sleep was a luxury they couldn’t afford as they worked to change the status quo.

Today, there is another formidable force working on your behalf around the clock while you get your beauty rest; your website! No longer are you constrained to “shopping hours” in a quaint booth or storefront. No more limitation by availability of your staff, or closures on holidays or weekends. Your professional website works tirelessly 24/7 to make your business accessible around the clock to clients and partners around the globe.

typewriter on table

Embracing The Digital Era

Allow me to clarify that I am not in the “burn the bras” camp and hold no ill-will toward the male sex. In fact, if we met in person, you’d find me very happily married, probably baking something special in my kitchen, scouring Etsy for home decor and tending to my 32 beloved potted plants.

But here’s the twist - I’m absolutely thrilled to witness the unprecedented doors of opportunity that the internet has swung wide open for the modern gal! Whether you’re a fellow lover of a good pumpkin bread, a corporate executive, a unique boutique, a blogger, a business owner or an event coordinator, we share something - a passion to see you thrive and your online presence go viral!

I’m proud to be part of championing women in this digital revolution as they build their empire and launch their businesses. It has been my great honor to come alongside hundreds of women and help create their victory banner through the intricate weavings of the world wide web! I’d love to champion you as well!

Reach out to discuss your website needs and together, let's build a stronghold that reflects your vision, values and aspirations.

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