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Website Makeover for Dr. Karin, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, and Musician

Working with Dr. Karin has always been a treat! And getting the opportunity to revise her website (which was built on WIX several years ago) was an awesome experience because we were able to take full advantage of many new WIX features that were not available initially, such as:

  1. Parallax scrolling

  2. Custom fonts

  3. Strips with columns

  4. Embedded SoundCloud podcasts

  5. Pinned elements

  6. Blog feed

  7. Animated buttons, to name a few.

Her brand evolved from shades of pink to a complete transition of red and baby blue and lots of open white space. Her site pages are now a combination of sophisticated and spunky which is perfect for her target audience.

For a site tour, please visit today!

#websiterefresh #newlook #cleanwebsite #whitespace #drkarin

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