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What It Means To Be A Woman In Business

Success is defined as "fulfilling one's goals or purposes". Despite its broad definition, this does not cover the nuances associated with success as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

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What percentage of people in business are women?

Among American women-owned businesses, 58% have increased in the past 10 years. Even with this encouraging number, women still face very real challenges to succeed. According to Fortune 500 companies, women's roles as Chief Executives decreased by 25% in 2018 alone - to 24 from 32 women the year prior. In light of this, success for women in business will be defined as more than closing a profitable sale or getting a promotion. It will refer to a woman being allowed the opportunity to succeed at the same level as men.

Below are three successful women owned organizations I have the pleasure to introduce to you. Get to know these powerful boss babes and together let's work at championing their success...


Meet Aziza of Aziza Jewelry

Along with attention to detail, Aziza creates each and every Aziza Jewelry piece by hand. Most pieces are made to order as a collaboration between artist and customer. She loves working directly with her customers to create one of a kind pieces that they will cherish for a lifetime.

In her custom word necklace designs she combines her love of inspiration and attention to detail, using precision pliers to turn wire into words that evoke a special feeling of inspiration or a special memory for her customers. In her colorful gemstone line she combines her own playful whimsical nature with her love of bright colors to emphasize the beauty of a woman's neckline, earlobes and wrists.

Aziza believes every woman should feel like a goddess when she adorns herself with jewelry. Her colorful goddess line combines crystals and genuine gemstones with sterling silver, and gold to create a delicate yet bold look for the woman who wears it.

Aziza received her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from SUNY New Paltz in NY and continued to hone her craft by studying at schools including: Penland School of Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, The 92nd St. Y, Urban Glass, and then went on to teach workshops at Urban Glass and Tecnolux in Brooklyn, NY and one-on-one privately.

After graduation, she was privileged to work for luxury jewelry companies including Mikimoto America, in NYC and Satya Jewelry in NYC. Aziza Jewelry was born in 2003 when on an almost daily basis she received requests from co-workers and friends for her customized jewelry that she wore to work every day. The name Aziza Jewelry came about when one of her former co-workers would often see her wear something new and comment, "I have to get some new 'Aziza Jewelry'”.


Meet Nicole Alexandra of Inlucisco

nicole alexandra

Inlucisco works to create belonging and community for anyone affected by mental illness and to inspire mental wellness.

Inlucisco envisions a world where mental illness is no longer stigmatized and all people affected by mental illness receive the support and care they need to reach their potential and lead meaningful, productive lives.

Inlucisco is a community you can come to for connection, support, and information around mental health and wellness. Initially Inlucisco was created for professionals in the workforce who don’t receive the support and resources they need, from their HR departments. I found that while HR has started to talk about mental health, there is still a gap between the service they can provide and the support, understanding, and help employees really need when it comes to their mental health.

Inlucisco is a safe space where all members can share their stories and be recognized for their courage and resiliency. Mental health matters and so do you. Join the Inlucisco community today!


Meet Elaine Kollar of Top Function

elaine kollar

Elaine Kollar, Owner and Certified Nutrition Consultant with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Having over 12 years of experience consulting many integrative doctors and patients in Southern California, Top Function was developed to provide the highest-quality immune supplements to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Elaine wanted people to have simple, clean immune supplements backed by science, research and proven results. Having worked as a nutritionist and consultant in the greater Los Angeles area, she was able to learn what had worked and what didn’t work with patients alongside many functional medicine practitioners. In addition, she was able to see first-hand what ingredients and supplements can actually be causing you more harm than good.

Top Function provides only the supplements you need at the high-quality you deserve.

  • Are you tired of trying to figure out what supplements actually work for you and which ones do not?

  • Do you want to strengthen and optimize your immune system?

  • Do you want natural alternatives with simple ingredients and easy to use?

  • Do you want to decrease your chances of getting sick from viruses or bacteria?

Let your body perform at its best with Top Function. Get yours today and start feeling the difference!!


Although statistics regarding gender equality in the workplace may be discouraging, these three successful women are showing us that excelling in business is becoming a more common occurrence. You are all heroes for inspiring a new generation of female leaders to redefine success.

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