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Your Personal Assistant Is At Your Service With Monthly Site Support

I’m delighted to introduce a game-changing solution for fellow business owners, website warriors and digital adventurers! The outstanding services of Bella & Bloom are expanding to transform your web maintenance experience. Brace yourselves for the arrival of Monthly Site Support! And a little reminder —I've also got a’la carte maintenance services for every need and price point. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, get cozy, and join me in the design studio for a peek at all that’s now at your fingertips as a site owner!

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Monthly Site Support

Your New Business Bestie!

Let me tell you a secret, I hear it all the time — most business owners dread the never-ending tasks of maintaining their website. The tasks feel overwhelming, insurmountable and endless. And “keeping up with the Jons’s” is a real thing and a real joy killer when it comes to updating your site and posting new products all in an effort to stay up-to-date and ahead of the marketing curve. Who has the bandwidth for that when you’re busy running a business? It can feel like battling mythical beasts. So I’m bringing a blast of Bella magic through a stellar solution of Monthly Site Support! Picture this: a trusty companion beside your business, handling all the technical sorcery and freeing your focus on the heart and soul of your job without the hassle and headache of web maintenance.

Take control of the limited free time in your busy schedule and delegate design and website updates to me (✋🏻) so you can focus on the aspects of your business where you shine like a boss! These monthly web maintenance plans provide the perfect solution to offload tedious tasks and fill in the design gaps. Experience the freedom to excel in your business while I take care of your ongoing site updates.

I'm at your service. Your website wizard! Your virtual valet! …Magic wand and all!

With Monthly Site Support, Bella & Bloom offers three incredible plans that cater to your specific needs:

1) The Basic Plan


As your business begins to bloom, you may realize your website needs some extra love and attention. Enter the Basic Plan! This package provides you with 1 hour each month to use on content updates, web design updates, phone discussions if needed, you name it. For a flat fee, you can rest easy knowing I’ve got your back, optimizing your pages performance with aesthetic updates that will enable it to shine!

2) The Advanced Plan:


For those with grand ambitions, the Advanced Plan offers you 3 hours of tailored services every month and your wish is my command. Say the word and I’ll make the magic happen. With the Advanced Plan, you get higher priority task scheduling ensuring a timely turnaround and prompt implementation of your desired changes.

3) The Elite Plan:


As you build your brand and see the need for frequent modifications and updates, I’m here every step of the way to ensure the face of your business is a stunning portrayal of all you have to offer. Elevate your website with the Elite Plan which gives you 5 hours of monthly upkeep on your site to elevate your listings, blogs, product pages and overall design. As an Elite member, you are given priority for the fastest support response and web maintenance modifications.


*Important reminder: Monthly Site Support and A’la Carte plans are strictly for updates to your existing WIX website and not for new web design projects.


A'la Carte Maintenance

Freedom and Flexibility Unleashed!

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For those who prefer more of a batched approach, your chariot awaits! The A’la Carte services are like magical potions, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you need. Make your wish list and let me check it off for you. For the one who needs spontaneous services or has varying tasks from month-to-month, this is where Bella & Bloom's A’la Carte Maintenance services come into play! These hourly plans are available for the small business owner needing a tweak here-and-there, as well as more extensive services for the thriving enterprise requiring hours of monthly maintenance and frequent overhauls. Whatever your specific need, I’ve got ya covered!

With A’la Carte Maintenance services, you can say goodbye to the hassle of self-management. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your website is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. Free your mind and your schedule and enjoy doing more of what makes you happy!

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But, hold on tight for some changes are in the air...

While the marvelous Monthly Site Support takes center stage, I’ve added a dash of change to my A’la Carte Maintenance services which will now have a one-year expiration date (from purchase date). But fear not, if you already have an existing plan, it remains untouched.

Unused hours from a previous purchase? They’re safe.

My goal is a seamless transition for past clients and clearly outlined options for new ones.

The Breakdown

Which is best for your business?

While I would encourage you to consider the convenience of Monthly Site Support, I understand that some of you may prefer the smaller scale batched support of my A’la Carte Maintenance. Throughout this journey of change and choice, I want to assure you that I am here for you. I’m deeply committed to delivering exceptional support, no matter which path you choose. Your satisfaction and success are my utmost priorities. If you have any questions, concerns or wishes as you explore the possibilities of Monthly Site Support to ignite your brands potential, don’t hesitate to reach out to

At Your Service

Your Fairy Godmother/Designer Awaits!

Recognized as a Top 100 WIX Partner, I’m devoted to powering your success and I feel a personal sense of gratification when your ideas turn into reality with a revolutionary website that captivates and converts. I like to think of myself as “family” when it comes to your business…or better yet, your sparkling, creative, competent fairy godmother that unleashes the magic of memorable web design!

Whether you have questions, needed clarification, or just want to brainstorm about the possibilities and how to advance your digital showcase to be a showstopper, together, we can take humble pumpkin ideas and turn them into a magical, jaw-dropping, glittering coach of the cyber-sphere! Your business is special…and your WIX website should be exceptional!

feminine workspace with pink and peach accents

Summing it up...

Cheers to my fellow digital divas. Let’s raise our metaphorical glasses (or glass slippers!) to an extraordinary website revolution in the works!

Dare to dream big with Monthly Site Support or tap into the small batch option of A’la Carte Maintenance. I’m cheering you on and behind the scenes of your success, equipping you for growth and engagement in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Together, let’s move from web maintenance being a daunting quest to an exhilarating adventure. I stand by your side, ready to conquer the cyber challenges, boost your brand, and design the website of your digital dreams.


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