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How To Be Consistent In Your Business

We get derailed SO EASILY!!

Work productivity involves finishing your tasks and crossing off everything on your to-do list, from writing a business proposal to creating a website. Even though we try, there are many small distractions throughout the day that can leave us feeling unprepared for the tasks we have to undertake.

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The Principles of Productivity

Below are some major inhibitors and helpful tips to build consistency in your business while maximizing productivity and working efficiently during those challenging moments.


Take a break from multitasking

Contrary to popular opinion, doing 3 things at once actually DOESN'T make you a more productive makes you a frazzled, distracted person. Set aside dedicated amounts of time to devote to each task. Set a timer if you have to. But commit that during this half hour, you are ONLY going to answer emails. Ignore the pings on your phone. Don't try to fill in your calendar for the week at the same time. And turn off the podcast in your ear.

Streamline and simplify

This creates the headspace needed to actually focus on the task and knock it out effectively!⁠ And it will help to avoid burnout.

Set goals and stick with them

This means you have to actually set MANAGEABLE goals. Take time each week to objectively assess the demands on your time (the doctors appointments, client meetings and PTA commitments included). Anticipate when your biggest blocks of uninterrupted productive time will be and identify a FEW goals that you can realistically accomplish. Then protect that block of time and reference point #1....avoid multitasking during that time.

Accountability helps

Surround yourself with a girl gang that is as ambitious as you are! Chances are, if you tell someone you're finally going to update your website, just knowing they're going to follow up and ask you about it will motivate you to follow through!! (oh and pst.....I know a great web designer!!)

Learn to say ‘no’

You will increase your productivity and improve your life by learning how to say "no" instead of saying "yes." When you refuse extra tasks, you gain time to focus on other items on your to-do list. You might also regain your psychological well-being in some cases.

Organize your workspace

You can feel in control and focused when your workspace is tidy and organized. Being able to find everything easily also increases your ability to succeed.


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